While the slow recovery of the world economy continues and mainstream adoption of new communications technology levels off, new opportunities and more risk abounds.

Against this backdrop, GFIC has been enhancing its investment services to deliver what matters most to the people we value most: relevant advice, growth and strong financial performance for our stakeholders. Our performance has been consistently impressive across the region as we increase net revenues year-over-year.

With investor road shows already underway, GFIC is currently promoting three major projects in its capacity as Investment Banker to arrange fundraising for each business opportunity. The Water Explorers Project, the biggest of the three projects, is an initiative to export water in bulk from Lebanon’s rich natural reserves into water-poor neighboring countries. The Re-Launching of Al-Jarida newspaper aims to revitalize a prominent name in the industry by giving it a modern take on news and developing a business model suitable to today’s market and reader preferences. The Bachoura Real Estate Development is an innovative project encompassing two full-service office buildings and a luxury apartment building located near Beirut Central District. Our fundraising effort is expected to meet the demands of the three projects in a short span of time.

GFIC is also currently in the process of boosting its investment banking division and activity further, with the signature of a number of Equity Private Placement mandates for Lebanese and regional SMEs.

In 2011, one great task defined our firm’s effort to maintain its competitive services in capital markets. First, we increased our organic growth strategy by expanding client relationships across the region. Next, we began integrating emerging technologies into our core trading facilities in order to create more value for our stakeholders. In 2012, we have launched a new and drastically improved website that will cater to our clients’ needs by integrating our numerous facilities and Web/Mobile Trader apps. In the information age, we know that true insights are hard to find under the constant flow of data. In this super-charged environment, our teams of trained professionals sift through a wealth of data and translate analyses into actionable insights that promise superior returns and mitigate risk.

While the unpredictability if the global market and the certitude of the technological revolution in communications have reshaped capital market trading and investment banking, they do not alter the fundamental truths of our business. Our clients will continue to be, as they always have been, the main factor that determines the value we deliver. As we continue to serve their needs, we continue to achieve our raison d’être, no matter the context.

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