GFIC Wealth Management strives to assist you in achieving outstanding long-term investment performance through our best-in-class services, which reach out to a diverse client base, including institutions as well as individuals in the MENA region. Our all-inclusive structure provides you with a comprehensive suite of solutions, making it our goal to fulfill your investment needs and requirements.

Our objective is to customize solutions to adapt to each client’s specific needs in terms of expected return, risk tolerance, periodic liquidity requirements and legal restrictions. In this respect, we advise on portfolio management and direct investments having risk/return profiles that best suit each client’s specific objectives.

Through a rigorous analysis and projection process, our experts propose an asset allocation that takes into account numerous variables such as the solvency of investment vehicles and the needed diversification in terms of regions, sectors, and currencies. Combined with a rigorous macroeconomic and graphic breakdown, we then create a portfolio of tailored investments that achieve optimal performance at a given volatility.

We aim to select the best investment vehicles among the world’s leading banks and financial institutions, offering a true open architecture platform for our clients. We focus on selecting and recommending the best available spectrum of specialized funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), structured products and hedge funds.

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