GFIC offers a variety of services to make our clients’ trading activities on financial markets a success. Our main services include transactions on commodities, foreign exchange, equities and fixed income securities. Through the Financial Markets Division, GFIC also offers a selection of structured hedging strategies through derivative instruments, such as options, futures and forward contracts.

GFIC provides several cost effective types of facilities and tools for trading customers. Our main facilities include flexible margin requirements, competitive commission rates, low spreads and access to multiple platforms that allow our clients to trade listed securities from all over the world and across all asset classes.

A highly qualified team of traders operates the Financial Markets Division 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Our team is always at our customers’ disposal for technical analysis as well as placing fast orders on the market.

GFIC also offers online workstations for clients who choose to trade online. We have three different platforms available that have complementary features for different types of trading. At GFIC, mobile trading is available through our very own application, called “Mobi-Trader.”

Our division regularly updates our clients with a wealth of insightful research and actionable recommendations. Clients experience our global market coverage firsthand through daily reports, on-demand research reports, customized analysis and round-the-clock advisory services that aim to assist clients in making informed decisions.

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